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SAM SAME Bungalows – Your HOME in Paradise –

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  • weekly deals

stay for a week, one day free

When you stay for 7 days, you will only have to pay for 6 days. Valid on all our accommodation booked directly with us, except during an event.

  • monthly stay

Bungalow and Tent, monthly

Stay for a month in our Bamboo Bungalow or tent and stay one week for free ! Not valid during events.

50% off
  • family deal

Private Garden Bungalows

Stay for one month in the private garden bungalows and het 50% off. The private garden bungalows have a private kitchen, bathroom and living area.

  • LOOONG stay

won't / can't leave?

We offer great discounts to people who want to stay more then 2 months, please contact us directly for terms and conditions.

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