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SAM SAME Bungalows – Your HOME in Paradise –

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Before you ask us, check here

We don’t include breakfast, because sometimes people prefer to skip it. It is however available in our restaurant and staying guests get a 10% discount on all food and beverages.

We consider the Restaurant / Bungalows / Coworking space as being separate. Therefor you can not use the coworkingspace for free, but we do offer a 20% discount on the coworking packages to our staying guests.

As a staying guest, you can use our restaurant. We do have a minimum consumption in place. We are flexible in this. As long as we have room for outside visitor, you are free to use the restaurant. When the restaurant starts to fill up, we will kindly ask to make space for paying customers. As we have limited seating, we hope you understand.

We DO have very fast and reliable WiFi throughout the property. We use the same network as cokreate, our coworkingspace. Speeds are limited to 6 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

Of course we do, just ask our staff if you need anything! We offer transports, bike and car rentals, trips, massages, laundry, etc.

If you have booked a single bungalow or a tent, you can use our shared bathroom, which is brand new and set in our lush garden. It’s cleaned multiple times a day. People who are staying in the double bungalow or the house, will have a private bathroom.

We have an onsite restaurant and all staying guests receive a 10% discount on the whole menu, but we prefer you consume your food and drinks in the restaurant. We are a small business with limited staff to come and collect plates and glasses everywhere. And stray dogs and cats would love to sneak in if we’ve got plates to lick food off at the rooms 🙂

You are free to cancel your stay until 1 week before arrival. Canceling within 1 week prior to check in, we will charge you 50% of your booking. Less than 2 days upfront…? We’re very sorry, we hope you understand that we can’t refund you.

Fun facts about Lombok 🙂

Well, the simple reason is that all local people should be able to hear the prayer from their house to join in. And if they can hear them… so can we 🙂

The right hand is the clean hand, thus used for eating, shaking hands, handing over something, paying, …
They can’t use the left hand for all of these things, since it’s the toilet hand… So try not to pay someone using your left hand 🙂

Grab, Uber and metered taxi’s don’t work around Kuta. They can drop people off, but they are not allowed to pick people up and take them out of Kuta. This is a rule that local communities have set up to protect the local drivers, who have often invested all of their family’s money in their car and are in most cases still paying off monthly debts for it. Cars and bikes are expensive here, so transport prices can be too sometimes. Still of course there will be drivers trying to overcharge you a lot. The drivers we use have worked with us for years and ask fair prices.

Typically local people never wear shoes inside the house, so should you visit a local family then you should definitely leave your shoes outside. For shops it’s different, especially shops that cater to tourists as well. Feel free to leave your shoes on.

Kuta Lombok Dogs is a non profit organisation that focuses on sterilising as many stray dogs as possible. With male dogs it’s very obvious when they’ve been castrated, but to mark the female dogs they cut the ears. 

Yessss! In rainy season you will see lots of buffalo pools in the fields and by the roads. They’re more than happy to bathe and swim in them.

Nope, nobody is cutting the tails of every stray cat they come across. It’s just a genetic mutation, they’re born this way. Some theories say it’s because they’ve got such long hind legs that help with balance and therefore they don’t really need the tail so much anymore.